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FairPay Support

Extended (non-bug-related) support for FairPay is available at our standard hourly rates. Because we offer pre-sales assistance in determining if FairPay is right for your needs, and because documentation is readily available, anything not covered by either of these is deemed an at-cost support issue.

You may request any kind of technical assistance with FairPay by sending email to fairpay@fairlite.com, including bug reports and feature requests.

Feature requests may be commissioned for special functionality, if desired. Any non-commissioned requests are subject to being implemented soley at the discretion of Fairlight Consulting. This may include not being implemented at all, depending on how useful we think the feature would be in general. Commissioned requests can be price-negotiated based on whether the features requested are allowed to be re-integrated into the main product, or whether they shall remain proprietary and exclusive to the commissioning party.

We also offer consulting on how to achieve specific results using the product through this support mechanism, and would be happy to assist you in this regard.