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HTML2PRC Documentation


Released: 03/04/07

Demonstration Video

You can obtain a demonstration video here.

Program Summary

Using the Fairlight HTML to filePro PRC Converter, you can design pages in whatever HTML editor suits you and easily obtain a CALLable filePro processing table that will generate the same output as the file which you fed the converter.

If you need to make parts of the page dynamic, you simply edit the relevant parts of the table.

This tool takes the pain out of importing large blocks of HTML and/or JavaScript into filePro processing tables. Moreover, you don't have to learn filePro's internal HTML syntax. You edit your page in whatever software you normally would, and make any changes in the resulting table.


Fairlight html2prc requires Perl 5.6 or higher.


Unpack the compressed tar or zip archive into any directory you choose. An html2prc-install directory containing the program and a text-only copy of this documentation will be created. Copy the html2prc file to its permanent location.


This option tells html2prc where your original HTML file resides.

This option tells html2prc where to place the resultant processing table.

This option tells html2prc at what length to snip long lines for embedding into processing table lines. The default is 80 and should not need to be changed.

This option returns the program version information.

This option returns the program changelog information.

This option returns the program help (a briefer summary of the options) in a self-paging fashion.


When CALLing the table in filePro, there are two variables with which you should concern yourself. These should both be declared GLOBAL in the calling table:

Prior to CALLing the output table, this variable should be set to the path of the output file to be written from filePro processing.

This variable will contain either PASS or FAIL depending on whether the output file could be written to.


v01.00.00 - 06/30/04

Original Release.

v01.01.00 - 03/03/05

Reworked output algorithm.

v01.01.01 - 03/04/05

Preserved blank lines for cases where <pre> and <code> might make them desirable. Added Windows pathname conversion and /? switch handling.

v01.01.02 - 03/15/05

Fixed return to be end in resultant called table.

v01.01.03 - 03/04/07

Fixed colons in generation timestamp for prc table format.

Copyright, License, Warranty, and Payment

This software remains the property of Fairlight Consulting, and license to use the program is sold to users. Fairlight HTML to filePro PRC Converter is licensed at a cost of $59.95 USD per server on which it is installed. Each license fee entitles you to use the program on one server, in any role you require.

Upon receipt of payment for a license, program will be delivered to the licensee via email at the email address associated with the PayPal payment.

Upgrades for the product are currently free when moving to new minor and major versions. Fairlight Consulting reserves the right to change this policy in the future, with no prior warning.

There is no warranty for this software. This software is offered "AS-IS" and without warranties as to performance or merchantability or any other warranties, whether expressed or implied.

Good computing practice dictates that any program should be thoroughly tested with non-critical data before deploying it for production. The user assumes the entire risk of using the program. In no event shall Fairlight Consulting be held liable for loss of data, failure of performance, or any other damages, be they real or perceived.

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