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OneBridge Introduction

OneBridge is a specialised enterprise-class bridge/reverse-proxy that is used to connect multiple versions of the OneGate universal Common Gateway Interface (CGI) engine, which itself allows communication between web browsers and "applications" of any kind.

OneBridge essentially allows you to have a public and a private web server, minimising the security risks and exposure of putting your data or application server directly on the network. Regular fields, cookies, and even HTTP File Uploads all work correctly.

Unlike regular proxy servers, you can use the application-level firewall in the copy of OneGate on the public server to determine what gets stopped at the public side. Likewise, OneGate's security features keep most malicious CGI attacks from ever reaching the private server, also reducing the load on that server. Combining the power of OneGate with OneBridge is a large boost to security of your data/application server within a secure network configuration.

OneBridge is exceedingly easy to use. If you've used OneGate, you already know everything you need to know to use OneBridge. Installation is a snap, configuration consists of setting two variables, and OneBridge plugs right into the public server's copy of OneGate.