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RawQuery Licensing

t should be noted that there is no demo version of RawQuery, nor will there be a "Lite" version. Even stripped of many features, it has the ability to be a foundation block of an enterprise's HTTP communications infrastructure, and there is no way to eliminate that possibility and still provide a working demo version.

"Why can't you compile it for unix/linux?" Because the compiler used is Perl2Exe, and while they provide for cross-compiling, We would need the Crypt::SSLeay module for every platform we cross-compile for. We don't have access to every supported platform to make this a reality. In the interests of low overhead and uniformity, there will simply be no Lite or demo versions.

We will provide whatever pre-sales assistance is required to demonstrate whether RawQuery is the right product for your needs. If you have questions or comments, please direct them to sales@fairlite.com without hesitation, and we will answer as promptly as possible.

We realise that software is an investment, and hope that you preview the documentation available for this product and make sure that it will suit your needs before purchasing a license. We also hope you avail yourself of the opportunity to ask any pre-sales questions you might have. All license sales are final and non-refundable.

RawQuery is licensed at a cost of $250.00 USD per server it is installed on. Bulk discounts may be negotiated for purchases more than five copies at the same time.

Each license fee entitles you to use RawQuery on one server, in any role you require. You may modify the program to further suit your needs, and are under no obligation to release changes back to Fairlight Consulting. However, derivative works and/or modified versions may not be resold or otherwise distributed. Similarly, you may not copy RawQuery, modify it, and run the altered version on another machine. You must purchase another license to use it in any form, altered or otherwise, on an additional machine. You may use an altered version and the original version on the same machine under a single license, however. "Machine" shall be defined as one instance of an operating system, for the purpose of this license. Machines which run multiple concurrent operating systems (virtual machines) count as multiple machines, and require additional licenses for each instance. The licensee agrees to keep the source code confidential and protected.

Upon receipt of payment for a license, access to the program will be generated for the licensee, and such information shall be delivered to the email address associated with the PayPal payment.

Upgrades for the product are currently free when moving to new minor and major versions. Fairlight Consulting reserves the right to change this policy in the future, with no prior warning.

There is no warranty for this software. This software is offered "AS-IS" and without warranties as to performance or merchantability or any other warranties, whether expressed or implied.

Good computing practice dictates that any program should be thoroughly tested with non-critical data before deploying it for production. The user assumes the entire risk of using the program. In no event shall Fairlight Consulting be held liable for loss of data, failure of performance, or any other damages, be they real or perceived.