Site Under Reconstruction

As of January 2, 2020, this website is under reconstruction. After many years, we were left with little choice but to switch email and web hosting providers. In the process, we decided to replace the old site (which was written with a tool whose output no longer displayed reliably, and hasn’t for years) with a more modern, responsive website.

The new site has the basic information available. This new site was actually started in 2014, and simply never got finished due to lack of time and energy. It’s a low priority at the moment. We will hopefully be completing the transition gradually. Most of what’s missing right now is the majority of the product pages, which is where I left off five years ago. :b~~~

If you need a product re-download, please contact me directly, and I’ll make that happen manually. If you’re interested in purchasing new licenses for my software, please do likewise.

We’ll see how long it takes this site to get completed, in my Copious Free Time[tm], with my Copious Free Energy[tm]. I may enlist Accounting to help. 🙂



Stable Solutions

Stable Solutions

We place a premium on the stability of both our systems integration and configuration, and our custom and turnkey software solutions.

Whether it’s a system or a package, historically we do the job once, and the solution keeps working year after year, virtually maintenance-free. Systems of course require security updates. But our solutions purr like a kitten, ensuring maximum availability.

We have written B2B TCP/IP clients which keep on humming for years, without need of maintenance.

We have written web service solutions which serve hundreds of thousands of requests every day, with zero security breaches, and with no bugs being reported for years running. Any bugs which have been reported are generally fixed in under 24 hours, historically. (I find it hard to go to sleep knowing that there’s a bug in my released software.)

What we do, we believe in doing well. This comes at a cost up-front, but it saves you maintenance down the road, which preserves what is generally a handsome ROI for most projects.

A Focus On Security

Focus On Security

The best system or product in the world is as good as useless unless it is secured. With over two decades of real-world experience in systems and software design, we have always striven to deliver and maintain solutions which are not only stable, but secure.

It is a point of pride that no system which we have installed and of which we have been the sole administrator has ever been cracked.

We maintain this track record by keeping on top of security news and alerts, and patching systems as close as possible to patch release dates, if not directly on the date. Many admins install a system and let it sit. Not us!

On the flip side, we don’t believe in crippling useful technology for the sake of questionable gains in security. It will be a cold day in hell before I willingly disable ICMP, unless a client explicitly requests it be done. There’s secure, and there’s needlessly hobbling a system. We believe in security, not fairy tales.

A Long Track Record

A Long Track Record

We’ve witnessed the birth and rise of many technologies which have become buzzwords. HTML? Been doing that since 1994, before Apache even existed. Linux? Been doing that since 1993, before it became trendy. Similarly, we have “grown up” with many technologies, and therefore know the underlying guts better than many, which allows us to deliver our superior stability and security.

Make no mistake: The information technology sector is such a rapidly moving target that no individual, and not even most companies, can know and do it all, while keeping abreast of every latest development. This includes us. That said, we do solid research, look before we leap, and get to know the technologies we use pretty intimately.

We also plan. Any script kiddie from Ukraine or Mumbai can toss up a quickie program which works for a few hours to a few weeks – until it hits something the “programmer” didn’t plan for. We strive to create solutions which will handle as many use cases as possible, so we’re not called back to re-code or re-install every other month. Yes, we cost more up-front. Amortised over the long-term, we’re far less expensive than someone whose work was unplanned, ill-conceived, unstable, and insecure.

About Fairlight Consulting

About Fairlight Consulting

Founded in 1995, Fairlight Consulting is owned and operated by Mark Luljak of Clarksville, Indiana.

With UNIX and Internet experience since 1989 and Linux experience since 1993, Fairlight Consulting possesses a solid foundation of knowledge that lends itself to solving problems and making things work for customers in many different industries. We have worked with companies in industries as diverse as healthcare, aerospace, airlines, shipping, brokerage, insurance, public records reporting, tax collection, food service, real estate, finance, and others.

In addition to internal abilities and knowledge, Fairlight Consulting can call upon strategic partners with specialized knowledge to help clients overcome those extra difficult challenges in even obscure areas of computing.

Have a problem? Need a solution? Contact us! If we can’t help directly, we can refer you to someone trustworthy who can!