The normal hourly rate for our work is $150 USD per hour, during normal business hours (9am-5pm Eastern). On weekends, holidays,  after hours, or for emergencies, our rate is $200 USD. There is a one (1) hour minimum charge on all issues.

"Good programmers don't come cheap. Cheap programmers are no good." ~Unknown

“Emergencies” are determined at the sole discretion of Fairlight Consulting. Generally speaking, it’s usually work required during weekends, holidays, or after hours that the client feels cannot wait.  However, in some circumstances, something may be urgently required during business hours and there is a need to shift all other projects (including for other clients) to a lower priority.  If a mail server takes a dive and no mail is going in and out, that obviously falls under, “Drop everything you’re working on and fix this, it’s an emergency and can’t wait.”  Dropping everything else comes a a premium, as it affects other people’s deadlines for their projects, etc.

"You can have it good, fast, or cheap. Pick any two." ~Unknown

We are available for detailed and fairly large projects on a quoted (and less expensive) rate, which is determined at the time of evaluation and negotiation.

Additionally, we are available on retainer at significantly reduced rates, although we do not maintain a 24/7 on-call status. We make ourselves available to the best of our abilities, and each retainer is handled under its own contract and terms.

We do not offer a 24/7 on-call rate. We try to keep turnaround times on callbacks under 24 hours, barring extenuating circumstances.

Our terms are NET 10, unless you make prior arrangements.  For those that like to push the boundaries, I’ll be very clear:  This means the funds should be in our possession ten (10) days from the invoice date (which is also the due date on your invoice).  Ten days.  Not 15, not 20, not 45, not 60, not at your whim or leisure.  TEN days.  Failure to meet your obligations may result in penalties depending on severity and frequency, and may include lower priority being given your projects, rate increases or penalty charges, a deposit being required before any future work will be done, or (as a last resort) outright termination as a client if the abuse of terms is repeated or significant enough.

We accept all major credit cards through PayPal. If you wish to pay an invoice, please click this link.